Stonehenge is the UK’s Unmissable Wonder

Are you looking to seek out one of the most famous and mysterious monuments across the world? One of England's oldest mysteries, Stonehenge, is a Stone Age Monument that is visited by thousands annually. This monument is over 3500 years old and is still in great and solid condition.

There is no documented purpose for this monument but it has been referred to as a burial place, a calendar, and a place of worship and sacrifice. While new research has ruled out some earlier theories, there is still no solid confirmation on the original purpose of this monument. One thing is for sure, knowing the time period that this monument was built and the lack of technology puzzles the mind and creates a worldwide fascination. If you have plans to visit England, no visit is complete without a visit to Stonehenge. The construction and purpose of this monument are still unsure by researchers, but when you walk onto this ground, you will experience a step back in the past. Some visitors find the experience majestic, celestial, or spiritual when they first encounter Stonehenge.



No matter how it makes you feel, you will be fed historically when you enter Stonehenge. Do you enjoy touring monuments that are in their original atmosphere? From a tour of the stones to the artifacts stores at the visitor center and museums, you will be given a quality education on the time period in which this was constructed and the daily lives of those who lived during this time in this area.

Visitors will experience how this Stone Age monument has infiltrated English history through the years The original thoughts of Stonehenge are available as well as what is available by modern research.  From virtual tours to replicas of the Neolithic homes constructed, visitors of Stonehenge are awarded the experience of a lifetime.

Take A Tour

Visiting Stonehenge is a paid experience, and tickets are often purchased in advance. Ticket purchases are given back to the organizations responsible for maintaining the monument. You can purchase your tickets yourself, or purchase them through a private tour company that will also provide guided tours and some with transportation. A guided tour is not required for Stonehenge entry, but it is highly recommended, especially for those who are visiting for the first time. You can tour Stonehenge throughout the year, but do expect a higher volume in the warmer months and holidays.


When you visit Stonehenge for the very first time, do yourself a favor and hire yourself a tour guide. While many can self-tour, the first experience at Stonehenge should include everything from English folklore and legends surrounding Stonehenge in English history. Also, guided tours ensure that tourists get the entire experience and ensure that you see all of the important aspects of Stonehenge. For an even better experience, get the bus tour as well so that you are introduced to all background information from a local tour guide. This is also convenient so that guests do not have to provide self-transportation, reducing your worry and enhancing your experience.