Guided Stonehenge Tours

There are a variety of guided Stonehenge tours available through private companies. These tours come in several options as well, depending on your preference.

These tours are accompanied by a professional tour guide who is familiar with Stonehenge and properly touring the premises. You have the option to meet your guide at the Stonehenge location or be transported there by bus with your guide. Most tours offer a bus ride with information and then a guided tour to follow once you meet your destination.

Bus Tours

If you opt for just the bus tour option, you can expect a fun and knowledge filled bus ride preparing you for your upcoming tour of the Stonehenge area. This bus ride will give you an idea of what Stonehenge used to mean in ancient folklore, what historians believed it to be, and what has been discovered. Expect to be taken back in time with these tours as the guides infiltrate your mind and attempt to have you visualize the construction and potential rituals that were performed on the ground.


You will also be exposed to vast theories by historians and local citizens who find the area sacred and choose not to contemplate too much on the science and believe in the magic on the grounds. No matter what your personal beliefs may be, a bus tour will give you quality insight into what Stonehenge has meant to England in the past and well as the present.


Guided Tour on the Grounds

Once you step on the grounds of Stonehenge, you have the ability to self-tour or have a guided tour. If you choose for a guided tour, you should reserve well in advance this prior to coming to England. You can either meet your tour guide on site at Stonehenge or you can do the bus tour first and continue the guided tour as a phase two with the company. If you opt to meet your guided tour on the grounds then you are responsible for your own transportation. Choosing the bus and physical tour of the grounds allows the convenience of transportation and a full experience of Stonehenge. Meeting your guide on the grounds may not allow time for some of the information provided on the bus.

Also, if you choose to take the bus and guided tour, you will be able to make a connection to the different information provided to you about Stonehenge on your way to the site. Making these connections will elevate your experience and that is the goal to provide guests with the full experience that Stonehenge has to offer. If you have been previously to Stonehenge and are familiar with the folklore, then meeting your guide there may not deter from your experience. However, the bus guides are convenient and affordable for those who are local to the area and may have difficulties making it to the tour on time. No matter what guided tours you are looking into or the companies, expect an affordable experience unmatched by any other site in England.