How To Visit Stonehenge

Visiting Stonehenge is a popular destination for thousands of visitors annually.

Experiencing a phenomenon of the world that is still a mystery in an age of science and knowledge is fascinating for these visitors. When you are planning your next trip to England, it is essential to put visiting Stonehenge on your to-do list. You can visit Stonehenge at any time of the year, but of course, warmer temperatures are more comfortable for an experience completely outside. For the summer months, expect higher traffic in the area and tourist volume to be at its peak. However, there is plenty of room for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and choose how they would like to tour Stonehenge.


You do have the ability to walk to the Stonehenge area, but the stones and the sacred ground will be roped off and a ticket is required for entry. Viewing Stonehenge from this angle is not flattering nor will you gain the proper experience. This is not advised as your experience is limited and the absolute closest you can get without being charged is ten yards from the stones. The entire perimeter is unattainable without a ticket.


Self-Guided Tour

Once you get on the property, you have the ability to purchase tickets and walk around Stonehenge at your convenience. You can purchase tickets ahead of time or that same day through the English Heritage. Last tickets are sold two hours before closing, however, if there are any available. Keep this in mind for your visit to Stonehenge. A ticket allows you the ability to stay in the area, basking in the mystery of the land. Those who purchase these tickets often spend the day in Stonehenge, from sunrise to sunset, experiencing the celestial connection between Stonehenge and the sky.


Experiencing Stonehenge during one of these daily time periods will allow a view that cannot be captured throughout the day. With open plains, enjoy your lunch in the plain and just relax in awe at the mystery of Stonehenge. If you do decide to take on a self-guided tour, you are responsible for your own transportation and the possibility that you may not experience all that Stonehenge has to offer its visitors. Make sure that you prepare well and know what look for before taking on one of these tours.

Bus and Guided Tours

For the entire experience of Stonehenge and its history, you may want to take a bus tour to the Stonehenge location where a guide provides you with outstanding facts and folklore surrounding the area. Guided tours are hosted by knowledgeable guides who are there for answering questions for you and ensuring you receive the entire Stonehenge experience, leaving no stone unturned. Since tickets are times for Stonehenge purchase, these guided tours will handle the purchasing of your ticket and ensuring that you meet your scheduled tour at the right time. This convenience for those touring the area and unaware of getting around properly find this option to be the most convenient. These options also provide transportation, making it a more convenient option.