Stonehenge Association

The Stonehenge Association is an organization that is focused on maintaining and preserving the Stonehenge site.

Like all monuments that are old and span thousands of years, an association is required for maintenance. As the oldest monument in England, it is essential that its maintenance is looked after so that it can be visited and enjoyed throughout the years to come for future generations. This monument is essential in English history and tourist economy, as thousands of visitors come annually for a visit. The Stonehenge Association has a mission to do just that and allocate funds that protect Stonehenge from any further damage physically, and well as maintaining the present of Stonehenge in English history.


The Stonehenge Association ensures that the landscape of the Stonehenge area is maintained for visitors and for the protection of the monument site. Because of millions of visitors, annually, the landscape and properly take a negative hit to increased traffic. Maintaining the landscape properly ensures that visitors use the proper walkways and have safe places to enjoy the Stonehenge site. An ancient landscape is the adopted landscape for the majority of the area. The fields and prairies have a wild growth for the most part, while walkways are properly maintained for the convenience of guests.


Maintaining the Grounds

Although there has been some deterioration on the stones over time, the association works to protect the current structure of Stonehenge and maintain the stones currently standing. Maintaining its current structure is essential for the association and its central purpose. Stone protection and developing structures to maintain the current structure is essential functions of the association. Improving the Stonehenge structure is also important if it protects the safety of visitors and those working on the grounds. Allowing the monument to stay in some of its current state would allow for continued deterioration, so there are some maintenance issues on the stones and around the structure for support and protection.


Preserving Stonehenge History

The Stonehenge monument, while still a mystery of origin, has infiltrated  English history over the years and is one of the most popular representations of the culture. Because of this historical importance, it is the goal of the association to continue to maintain its historical importance as well as the physical structure. The Stonehenge monument should hold up in English history as well as it should hold physically. Because it is so monumental in English history, it is a tourist location for those visiting England, and Stonehenge alone has brought thousands of visitors to the English countryside that otherwise may have not visited.

Ultimately the goal of the Stonehedge Association is to maintain the integrity of the structure, protect the history of the monument, and maintain public safety at all times while the monument is open to the public and is maintained regularly.  Stonehenge is monumental in English history, economy, and overall experience for those who visit and even those who reside in the area. Stonehenge's maintenance and protection are essential and the Stonehenge Association aim to ensure that maintenance and protection.